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Where Modern Bathtubs Came From

Mar 29, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  Bathtubs

giant bathtub by Erica Nicol

A daily bath or shower is a common practice here in Canada thanks to modern sanitary indoor plumbing systems and bathtubs installed directly into our homes. It wasn’t always this way however.

While evidence has been discovered of public baths dating back to ancient times, and the actual act of bathing is probably older than time itself, our current residential bathtubs are a much more recent development. Modern tubs trace their influence back to the classic ‘clawfoot’ tubs that enjoyed the height of their popularity in the late 1800s.

With its name derived from the claw-like legs holding it up, the clawfoot tub was created in Holland in the 19th century, and spread through Britain to North America. Originally made of cast iron, these tubs found some success with more affluent customers who saw private bathing as increasingly fashionable. However, the tubs began to be more commonly adopted as indoor plumbing slowly became more available.

The current built-in, apron-front tub that is common today slowly eclipsed the iconic clawfoot tub due partially to the former’s ease of maintenance. That said, many still view the clawfoot tub as a designer household fixture, and elect to have one installed in place of the more common types.

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