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Odd Objects in Sewers Around the World

Apr 26, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

Have you ever washed anything unorthodox down your toilet? If you have, how does it compare to some of the unusual objects found in sewers around the world listed on the following infographic?

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World Water Day Recognizes Water and Jobs

Apr 12, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

World Water Day – an event promoted by the UN since 1993 – was recognized internationally yesterday to help draw attention to water-related issues around the world. Celebrated annually, World Water Day defines a yearly theme that attempts to address topical water concerns and promote the wise management of freshwater resources...

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Where Modern Bathtubs Came From

Mar 29, 2019  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  Bathtubs

A daily bath or shower is a common practice here in Canada thanks to modern sanitary indoor plumbing systems and bathtubs installed directly into our homes. It wasn’t always this way however.

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What a Sump Pump Can Do

Sep 28, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a mechanical device installed in the basement of some homes to prevent water damage by pumping ground water away from the building and into an area that won’t be damaged by it – typically a dry well or a city’s storm drain...

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Over vs. Under – The Timeless Toilet Paper Debate

Sep 14, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

How does the toilet paper in your house hang? Is the loose end draped over the top of the roll, or does it hang behind? Some people are highly particular about the orientation of their toilet paper, and the age-old debate over which is the ‘correct’ way to hang toilet paper may never die. An infographic outlining the sides of the dilemma was published back in 2011. Take a look at it below for some interesting tidbits...

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The Differences Between Gravity and Pressure Assist Toilets

Aug 31, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  Toilets

If you need to replace your toilet, you may be surprised to discover that there are actually a lot of choices to make. One of these is the decision between getting a gravity toilet or a pressure-assist model.

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Art Using Plumbing Materials

Aug 03, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

Art originates from a variety of different sources and inspirations, often utilizing a wide range of different styles and mediums. We are always especially interested when artists choose to create interesting things out of plumbing materials, being plumbers ourselves here at Action Auger...

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What is Hard Water

Jul 06, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

What exactly is 'hard water'? Where does it come from? And what effect does it have? When a certain amount of magnesium and calcium minerals are contained in water, it is considered to be 'hard.' These minerals are absorbed into the water as it flows through chalk and limestone formations under the earth...

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Thomas Crapper and the Popularization of the Toilet

Jun 22, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  Toilets

Occasionally, the invention of the modern flush toilet is attributed to historical plumber Thomas Crapper. However, we can trace the first indoor flush toilet back hundreds of years earlier to...

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Video for Your Friday Funnybone

Apr 13, 2018  |  By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat)  |  General Plumbing

Someone walks into a public washroom. This sounds like the beginning of a dumb joke. And I suppose that it probably is. Watch what happens next below.

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