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Biosmart Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaner

With all of the soaps and other products that we use every day that go down our drains without proper care and maintenance it’s all too easy for a backup to occur. When our drains start to run slowly it’s very tempting to just run to the hardware store and buy a drain cleaner. But have you ever stopped and read the label for those products?

The majority of drain cleaners are made up of harmful chemicals and corrosive acids which becomes all too clear when we read the warning labels. But what options are there for those looking for an eco-friendly drain cleaner or for something you can use around children and animals? There’s one clear answer BioSmart!

BioSmart is a bacterial agent that is harmless to humans and pets alike but eats away at the gunk and buildup you find in drains and sewer lines. It’s safe to store in your home, and has a built in measuring cup to make every application as easy as possible. So if you want to protect your family and your home then call Action Auger to purchase BioSmart for your home today!

Are your drains in need of a good cleaning?

Use Biosmart to clean your drains without the harsh chemicals.

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